Imagine a huge, luxurious villa. Would you live there even if there was no way out?

Twelve people and a cat are trapped in a house whose doors and windows are locked. They don’t know each other and ignore how they happen to wake up in there. Supernatural phenomena begin to take place. The prisoners find out the house is completely underground.
Some of them try to be logical and search for a reasonable way to get out. Other are more impressionable and can't help being subdued by the rules of the house. Things appear and vanish, doors open every time on different rooms. Black outs and heart quakes occur more and more often.
People will split in different groups which will fight to survive and go back home.

The authors Nicola Bandini, Alessio Arbustini and Massimo Ciancabilla are quite the same age (from twenty to twenty-five years old), attended Scuola Holden in the same years and share a common insane passion for cinema and TV series.They all are susceptible to the fascination of beautiful series: not only they watch them, they also study their narrative patterns and strategies and think about them for days.

When the story for Home came out, they thought it was strong enough to evolve in a powerful and fascinating screenplay.
They begun to write it and immediately understand it was the right story for a series to be shot.

What they love the most in a series is the fact that there is more than one leading role. A group of characters is much more engaging than a single one.
Furthermore, not only the plot gives a series its narrative power: the characters themselves are as much important, too.You get to know them, see how they behave among the others, how they love, hate, fight, and show their inner essence. And you can't help but staring at them. That’s how series manage to be so addictive.

Home’s direction will be modern and peculiar: we want it to explore new visual possibilities.
Generally, editing will be fast and rhythmic, except for the most painful, intense and moving scenes.

We strongly believe in Home and in the beauty and  strength of its story.

Long series happen to lack of a clear vision of the story from the very beginning. Home doesn’t: every single question will be answered. We promise. You sit down and watch Home-the series till the end. How fascinating and thrilling your journey will be!

Federico Lagna
Nicola Bandini, Massimo Ciancabilla, Alessio Arbustini
Nicola Bandini
Costume Design
Cristina Danini, Giulia Bertona
Tommaso Bosso (Fonico); Guglielmo Diana (Microfonista)
Federico Lagna, Davide Cerreja Fus, Matteo Mascetti, Iris Brognara
Special Effects
Valentina Rivetti
Nadia Corvino
Assistant Director
Davide Cerreja Fus
Cast and characters
Lorenzo Romoli, Riccardo Leto, Raffaella Tomellini, Lilly Bollino, Simone Moretto, Renato Cravero, Andrea Murchio, Nicolò Raspino, Valerio Codispoti, Filippo Losito, Roberta Vasario, Sara Bertazzini, Carolina Borri.
Executive production
Nicola Bandini
Epica film (Torino), Scuola Holden (Torino)
Con il sostegno di Film Commission Torino Piemonte
Assistente alla regia
Claudio Giordano
Last update: 17 April 2020