Born from the union of professionals in the sector, our Studio, located in the center of Turin, a few meters from Porta Nuova Station, is specialised in audio and video post-production. We provide video editing, color grading, audio editing, sound design and mixing services. In our history we have managed the whole post production of products for RAI, SKY, OFF THE FENCE, PRIME VIDEO, SPOTIFY. We work in contact with directors and authors to best help them tell their story.

Main activity
Post-produzione video, montaggio
Secondary activities
Post-produzione audio, missaggio
Established in
Massimiliano Manzo
Recent works

Everest With Three Fingers (Documentario in post produzione)
Damanhur - a Spiritual Journey (Documentario in post produzione)
Framing The Self (Cortometraggio di Animazione, 2022)
Viaggi in Carrozza (Documentario, 2021)
Filmmaker dal Mondo (Serie TV Documentaristica, 2020 - 2022)
Being With Refugees (Documentario, 2020)
Romano Cagnoni (Documentario, 2020)
Un Giorno Qualsiasi (Cortometraggio Fiction, 2020)
We Need Lungs (Documentario, 2019)
Viaggi al Rallentatore (Serie TV Documentaristica, 2017 - 2019)
Iceland - You Think You're Alone (Documentario, 2018)
Dark Violet (Cortometraggio Fiction, 2018)

Last update: 02 December 2022