In the days of Covid-19, almost by chance, the collaboration with film productions began, when the production of Cuori Coraggiosi by Andrea Tavani, who was looking for a support and consultancy health figure, contacted us. With commitment, professionalism and hard work we have collaborated till the end of the film shooting, offering a support not only to the workers but for their families, at home. This experience gave us the opportunity to understand the needs of that cinematic world so particular, complex and interesting that we didn't know anything about. In that short time we organised a 360° sanitary service: we integrated our skills and professionalism in the out-of-hospital context with the collaboration of the pharmacies and analysis labours, we supported more and more productions of antigenic and molecular swabs. However, following our mission, we tried to offer a sanitary service ever wider, whos showed useful in multiple occasions. From the home visits to the execution of the blood tests and the electrocardiogram, on set and domicile too, to recipes and prescriptions, to real nursing and/or medical assistance on set. The over ten years old experience of the emergency and prehospital emergency, guarantees unique skills and a really high level of professionalism, supported by really good equipment and resuscitation and rescue devices that accompanied us on set. So that today, to the ending of the covid-19 emergency, we can offer to the cinematic productions a quality sanitary service, and for this matured experience we can adapt the offer to the needs of the organisation in any location.

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Marco Rosenga
Recent works

Cuori Coraggiosi e Cuori coraggiosi 2 / Aurora Tv / Serie tv, 2020, 2023 

Guida astrologica per cuori infranti / Italian International Film srl / Serie tv, 2021

Amanda / Elsinore Film Srl / Film, 2022 

Non morirò di fame / La Sarraz Pictures srl / Film, 2022

Il giorno più bello / Oplon Film srl / Film, 2022

5 minuti prima / Panama film / Serie Tv, 2022

La legge di Lidia Poët / Groenlandia Srl / Serie tv, 2023

Confidenza / Indiana production spa / FIlm, 2023

Assassin Club / Motus Studios International / Film, 2023

Zamora / Pepito Produzioni Srl / Film, 2023

La bella estate / Tapelessfilm service srl / 2023

Last update: 14 June 2023