One day Vaky Mallaby, a sixty years old cinema cameraman, randomly finds in a house cellar some documents belonging to his father, an English military officer operating during World War II. But from those documents grey areas in Dick Mallaby’s life emerge. So his quest starts: Vaky combines materials, meets people, looks in the archives, makes assumptions, everything to figure out who was really his father. In order to do this he decides to use the instrument he knows best, his steadicam. But who, then, was Dick
His story would seem the result of someone's imagination, but it's all true. He was the key man of delicate international balances during the Second World War; He was the one who sent the message to the British Government that Italy was to surrender.
He has also played a role in the withdrawal of German troops from the Italian territory, telling a lie to the SS Lieutenant Wolff, suggesting him to surrender without destroying the industrial districts in the north of Italy, as the one of Turin.
What do these revelations cause in our protagonist, who had always thought that the father was someone else? He could ask help to his mother, but he turns out it was a secret agent too ...

With the documentary Mister Mallaby we intend to seize two aspects. The first is the exceptional nature of the common people, the heroes whose names don’t appear in the history books.
The second is the emotional journey of a person, who at his sixties begins to travel to try to figure out who his father really was. The documentary is therefore narrative and character driven, but thanks to the character’s research many facts related to a historical figure and unusual events of the Second World War are revealed. In a continuous
crossreference between the historical perspective and a
personal one the documentary is set up as a "Twenty-first
century Telemachia." Just like the son of Odysseus, Vaky
goes around and asks "Who was my father?".

Our aim is therefore to develop a narrative documentary
that, through investigation, develops a topic in history.
And in the Dick story, there are still grey areas, some of which we have already discovered, such as the real work of the wife of Dick, mother of Vaky, a secret agent herself. Others will come to light in the course of the development phase.

Alessandro Rocca e Luca Olivieri
con il sostegno della Film Commission Torino Piemonte e della Regione Piemonte (Piemonte Doc Film Fund - Fondo regionale per il documentario - sviluppo dicembre 2016)
Gianluca De Angelis (Tekla)